Childcare FAQs

  • Are all childcare centers the same?

    Absolutely not! Some are nothing more than babysitters. They only concern themselves with the most basic of the child’s needs.

    At Days of Wonder Child Care Program, our concern is for the whole child. Our mission is to provide each child with a safe, loving environment so that he or she can feel the support that is necessary for emotional, social and academic growth. Because we see our center as “A HOME AWAY FROM HOME” for the little ones left in our care, our professional staff takes on the role of the parent.

    As such we view the children as our own; we only want the very best for them. Therefore, we work hard to guarantee that all their needs are met using only the most sound methods, techniques and strategies coupled with a big dose of love.

  • What are the necessary credentials for being a childcare provider?

    At Days of Wonder Child Care Program we are committed to hiring only the best qualified staff members. Our Head Teacher, for each of our three classes, has at least a Bachelor’s Degree and two of them are enrolled in a Master’s Program.

    Each of our Assistant Teachers has an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Development or is a graduate of a certified program. Further, each staff member must be cleared by the New York State Central Register of Child Abuse and Maltreatment. Our policy is not to hire anyone without the appropriate experience, good credentials and solid references.

  • Can I visit my child on my lunch hour?

    Parents are welcome to come to the Center at any time. However, one of the things that makes a child feel secure is a routine. Therefore, when the routine is disrupted – even when it is by something pleasant, it can create stress on the child.

  • What type of meals and snacks are provided?

    Days of Wonder Child Care Program provides a nutritionally sound breakfast and afternoon snack. Parents provide lunch.

  • What is the philosophy of the center?

    At Days of Wonder, our primary concern is the care and personal growth of the children entrusted to us. Our goal is to provide a safe, nurturing and loving environment – in essence a home away from home.

    We believe in creating an atmosphere that fosters the social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth of each child.

    We want the experience for every child to be a journey of discovery, growth, acceptance and fun, and we use highly qualified staff members, a variety of educationally sound teaching strategies and curriculum and life enrichment activities to achieve this goal.

  • Is the Center licensed by a state or federal agency?

    Days of Wonder Child Care Program is licensed by New York State. Each year our license must be reviewed and our Center is reassessed. At any time the Department of Social Services can do an on site visit.

  • Do you have a safety plan regarding evacuations or shelter in place?

    We have monthly evacuation drills and bi-yearly Shelter in Place Drills.

  • What happens if my child gets hurt at the Center?

    The situation is immediately assessed. If it is of a minor nature, the child is given the necessary care and the parent is notified.

    If, however, the situation requires professional medical assistance, the police department in called, a patrol car is sent to the Center to pick up the child, the Director or the teacher and the child’s medical records are brought to the Community Hospital at the Dobbs Ferry which is only about three minutes away.

    In the meantime, our office manager will notify the parents so that he or she can meet the child at the hospital.

  • How can I be sure that my child will not be allowed to leave with anyone other than myself or a person I designate?

    Under no circumstances will a child leave with anyone other than a parent or someone who was designated by the parent. At the beginning of the year, each parent or guardian is asked to designate two people who can, with prior notification of the Center, pick up the child. All parents or designees must tell the teacher when they are leaving with the child and must sign out in our daily attendance log. If there is ever any doubt, the parent is contacted for verification.

  • Can I get a discount if I bring my child only three days a week?

    Sorry no Part-time, Full-time only.

  • What is the policy regarding snow?

    Days of Wonder Child Care Program follows the same procedures for school closings as the Dobbs Ferry school system. For school closings or delays, tune in WFAS, 103.9 FM.

  • Which days are the center closed?

    The Center is closed approximately 16 days a year. A calendar is given out in January.

  • What are the methods used by the staff to communicate with the parents?

    Each class has a private Classroom DOJO account, weekly emails and newsletters sent to parents.

  • Are there any workshops on childcare issues that the Center provides for the parents?

    Yes, we do provide timely and pertinent workshops for parents. For upcoming workshop schedules, please contact the school directly.