Program Highlights

Kids on Mat Taking Yoga Class


What does Namaste mean? According to ancient Sanskrit, it is an everyday salutation that means, “The Spirit in me salutes the Spirit in you.” But when the children at Days of Wonder say, “Namaste,” they are reinforcing the message that they are each strong, confident beings. We have yoga once a week once a week, and even the very young ones are on the mats for stretching, downward–dog fun, and breathing exercises. Each class is treated to age-appropriate activities. The older children love it when they are challenged to move through the space while balancing a Beanie Baby on their heads. Younger ones like to do poses such as table, candle, rock, and happy baby.

This weekly dose of yoga, which keeps the children centered, is a favorite activity among many.

Days of Wonder offers many special programs: art classes, trips to the Botanical Gardens, theater productions, puppet shows, and visits from singer and guitar player, Bailey. But even an ordinary day at the daycare is special, and filled with laughter and discovery.

Special Days

Pajama Day is fun for all! The day begins with everyone parading around in– can you guess–their pajamas! Children and teachers enjoy making pillows and scented sachets. Then everyone gathers for bedtime stories, nursery rhymes, and silly songs. Lunch is a feast of homemade waffles and other treats. By the time nap-time rolls around, everyone is ready for sweet slumber.

Every year, the children attend a performance of the Paper Bag Players at The Tarrytown Music Hall. The visit is followed up with lots of fun art projects. The trip helps instill a love of theater in the children.

Cross-Generational Fun

Kids at Table With Seniors

The children like to visit the senior citizens at the local Embassy Center. They chat with the seniors, share a snack, or do an art activity. The children mix with the seniors to do crafts, storytelling, sing-along, or to celebrate a holiday. The children and the seniors love their times together.

Come Together

Kids in a circle playing in yard

In the late afternoons, the different age groups often come together for a round of games, giggles, or playground fun. This special time presents many opportunities for the older children to act as mentors to the younger ones. It’s a load of fun for all, and quite adorable to watch.

Let’s Eat

Drink your milk and eat your lunch.

Don’t you just love the way some foods crunch?

Pizza, pasta, beans and rice.

Those are just some choices, which are nice!

Kids Getting Ready to Eat

Healthy, delicious meals are prepared fresh. The children enjoy sitting at the table with their peers, demonstrating positive manners. They are taught to pour their own milk and juice, and learn to clear away their plates.