Teachers and Staff

At Days of Wonder we are especially proud of our qualified and loving staff. Their credentials range from Associates Degrees to Masters Degrees. We provide on-going staff development and training in areas such as:

  • Curriculum Development
  • Child Development
  • Infant and Toddler CPR & 1st Aid
  • Current Regulations
  • New Findings in the Early Childhood Field

In addition we offer tuition reimbursement for teachers who continue their education in Early Childhood.

Comments From Days of Wonder Staff

The children teach me unconditional love! They help me learn patience. The most challenging part of the day is dealing with a tantrum, but, again, it all helps me become more patient. Suzy P.

I love watching them grow as individuals, and seeing them interact with each other. I feel proud to be part of the process. Sophie K.

Being at work is like being with family. The unconditional love and the smiles I get make everyday a worthwhile adventure. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Barbara L.

What do the children teach me? To be active, try new things, notice the little things that they do, try to keep an open mind, use my imagination, and laugh every day. Rita M.

The children who enter our classroom learn how to become independent. They are so proud of themselves when they eat breakfast and they can pour their own milk, or clear away their plates. I love to see how they learn from the lessons we teach them, and also, how they learn from each other. That is really rewarding! Alyssa

We feel very blessed being able to send our girls to DOW. Everyday at drop off, I know they are safe, learning and loved! Their teachers and staff feel like family. It doesn’t get any better than that!Georgette and Vic Golio