Tot Times

The toddlers are coming! The toddlers are coming! On mild days, they can be spotted about town. These frequent walks to the fire house or post office help the young ones develop a sense of community. Some days, we head for the library for story adventures. Other days, we take the playground. As the tots ride, run, dig, and climb, they learn crucial lessons–how to share, how to take turns, and how to get along.

Don’t mind the mess. Here, the children are encouraged to roll up their sleeves, put on their smocks, and express themselves through art on a daily basis. We also like literature. A lot. We enjoy the classics, such as all things Dr. Seuss, but we also share contemporary stories, such as No, David! And, of course, Pete the Cat.

Warning: Due to large amounts of singing, dancing, and playing, it can get loud in the toddler room!